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My "What is it?" Page

Are you having problems making a choice of web developers?
Let us take the hassle out of your web design, SEO, and marketing and you can concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

Can you answer yes to the following questions?

Do you understand the high ROI value of SEO?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of preparing a web page (website) for well ranked inclusion in the search engine databases.

The amount of time necessary to generate top SERPs, (Search Engine Page Results), to build traffic is less than any other type of internet marketing. You cannot get a higher Return On Investment, (ROI).

Since doing SEO focuses on the visitor experience, and striving to make it the most efficient vehicle for use and satisfaction quotient, a properly designed site will make both management and visitor paths simple and rewarding.

Are you willing to trust your developer implicitly regarding:
This is your greatest challenge.
I have been actively doing SEO since '96 and I know what works.
I have results to back up my statement.
For those that read a lot and follow the SEO news, some of my views will be diametrically opposed to some of the suggested methods. A LOT of this is pure 'spin' designed to make the SEO company money.

Lets look at the areas of trust.

Keyword Research
The keywords you choose as business owner may not be what a searcher would look for.
We look for linear keywords and phrases to cover a larger spectrum of search patterns.

Owners are often too versed in their products and current marketing to put themselves into the new visitor's shoes.
Trust us to find your niche.

Content Management Systems.
This covers a wide range of choices, especially in the open source category.
After evaluating and working with dozens I recommend CRELoaded.
CRELoaded won the Best OsC Program award for 2008

Presentation and Layout.
This is most important from both visitor experience, search engine penetration, and ranking aspects.
The layout should follow standard procedures presenting content in a way that is accepted as the norm and as defined by heat mapping.
Don't "hide" the navigation in an unexpected place. The "hotspot" is top left under the header.

Keyword Use
Success or failure rests on the use of your keywords and phrases.
How many times they are repeated, their position and formatting in the page, and their density as compared to the overall document, are major factors.
This is true from the perspective of both visitors and search engines.

Keywords Used wisely:
For humans this means reinforcement, in text, relative to their search term.
For the search engines your shortest tail, (most frequent terms), should be presented first and with the most emphasis.

Visitor Dynamics
Visitor dynamics and search engine dynamics are closely related.

Siamese twin close.
If a visitor cannot easily find their way around your site do you think a search engine would?
The use of metrics, web page stats, search engine monitoring, heat mapping click locations, all aid in the ease of use of your site.

Open Source
A bewildering amount of freely available and free to use software is waiting for you to download and install it.
I have tried and used a great deal of it.

While some may be more suited to the individual who will maintain the site, my personal and professional choice is CRELoaded, B2B version.
My 0Grief Hosting service has packages suited for the standard, B2B, or B2B with Content Director.
Please use the "Contact Us" form.

Finally, "Are you prepared to build your site?"
Do you know what you are going to say, where you are going to say it, and have all your graphics and product information ready for inclusion into the shopping system?
Have you done a keyword list?

If you can answer yes to the above, then you may apply for client status.
Please use to contact us.